ICC World Cup 2019 tickets

How To Book ICC World Cup 2019 Tickets Online ? Price & Discount

The greatest cricket tournament of every year. When different countries face off against each other in ‘a gentleman’s sport’. But in reality, the ICC Cricket World Cup is never really just a sport, it is war. One country against another; matches being conducted all over the world; fans rooting for their ‘Nation’s Heroes’.

And the champion who wins the finals takes the prestigious ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Trophy, a symbol of their Nation’s power and pride. Witness the most spine chilling, breath taking, nail biting battle in ‘the World of Cricket’, only at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

ICC World Cup 2019 tickets
ICC World Cup tickets 2019

So here’s all you need to know about the tickets and booking.

  • Where to get your tickets?
  • How to get your tickets?
  • How much is a ticket?
  • Are discounts available?
  • What are the matches schedule?

How to Book ICC World Cup 2019 Tickets

Tickets had actually been sold out by the International Cricket Council on September 27th. But fear not for you can still get your tickets from third party websites. Tickets are being resold on various websites, with one particular website being quite reliable and giving you a 100 per cent guarantee, that you get your tickets:

ICC World Cup 2019 Tickets Booking Online

Before you get your tickets, you need to:

  1. Confirm your ticket seats and venue. Here, you can also make group purchases and make choices on seating based on:
  2. Nature of seating (unrestricted view, for couples, family friendly, seated)
  3. Comfort in terms of: seated together, near the exit, near food stalls and refreshments, aisle seat and reclining seat.
  4. You fill in your contact details.
  5. Choose the mode of delivery.
  6. Next up is the method of payment.
  7. Finally you review the details and transaction.

You are given a certain window period (averagely 7 minutes, though it may vary) to make your purchase, during which your tickets are exclusively reserved for you. When the time runs out, its back to square one and you may even lose your seats to someone else.

ICC World Cup Tickets Price

That’s a trick question, as the cost of the tickets is subject to fluctuations by the sellers. Some cost about Rs 5000 and others even Rs. 1,30,000 (talk about fandom). The cost varies based on which countries are competing, the venue and from the semi finals through the finals.

Are discounts available?

Sadly, none that has been heard of till now. Discounts when tickets were sold by the International Cricket Council.

ICC World Cup Match Schedule

The matches start from May 30 2019 to July 14 2019. The first semi final match is on July 9 2019, the second semi final match is on July 11 2019 and the final match is on July 14 2019.

Get your tickets fast because tickets are getting sold like a flash sale! All the best and hope you secure your tickets in witnessing the cricket match of an era. So hurry up don’t miss out the golden opportunity to witness the fun.

Check out ICC World Cup 2019 Schedule

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